Monday, 18 May 2009

Anybody out there?

The creation of the Hidden Tentacle came about when an unemployed artist sat in her living room wondering how she could make some money out of her work and after making a few enquiries found nothing but roadblocks.

"There must be others like me out there" she thought, and out of curiosity posted an ad online, reaching out to others. The response was slow at first, but once posters were put up around town, all sorts of like minded artists came out of hiding, there are now up to about 15 members in the group.

The idea was to swap skills and advice and penetrate the dark and hidden artistic community of York, hold exhibitions, sell some work and generally celebrate local talent. We weren't entirely sure where to go with it, but it has developed naturally through our collaborative efforts, and the group identity we created became "The Hidden Tentacle".

Now the group is in the process of designing some business cards and flyers and a manifesto to really set the group in motion. We are looking at a showcase of work next month, and renting a market stall for a day to test the waters and see what we can sell.

The girl sitting in her living room is now busier and more inspired than ever and slightly overwhelmed at the support and enthusiasm of everyone involved - even the city council being fully behind our efforts. The sky is the limit.

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